FishHawk Creek Elementary is fortunate to have dedicated and resourceful teachers working with our students at every level. Our teachers deserve to have imaginative ideas funded that go above and beyond the scope of usual activities. The PTA provides this opportunity through the mini-grant program.

The mini-grant committee recently met to review the spring semester applications and determine allocation of funds. Each application was carefully considered using the predefined evaluation criteria of number of students directly impacted, relative value, cost, school improvement potential, and project date.

The committee reviewed 10 applications and approved or partially approved all of the projects. The mini-grants awarded include funds for reading incentive programs, math practice activity cards and games, take-home reading bags to boost interest in science, mallet replacements for the music department Orff instruments, a service project to paint a model of the planets in our solar system on the campus walking track, tablet devices to be used for the iReady curriculum, and supplies for the spring music program and art exhibit to help showcase the talents of our students.

Thank you to all of the applicants for submitting their project ideas and we look forward to seeing the mini-grants positively impact our students and school in the coming months.


If you have any questions, please contact Bronwyn Fowler at