Box Tops

Click here for the sheet to tape or glue your labels to!

Have questions? Contact Adrienne Safesten today!

Please make sure that all box tops are trimmed completely and are not expired.

FishHawk Creek Elementary earns money from Box Tops for Education fundraising programs. Each Box Tops for Education coupon is worth 10 cents for our school.

All you need to do is clip the Box Top Coupon from one of the hundreds of participating products and send them to school in a sealed plastic bag. To ensure you get credit for your contribution, write your child’s name and teacher on your bag or on a piece of paper placed inside of the sealed bag.

Want to get a Box Tops or Labels for Education Spirit Stick?

Turn in 50 trimmed and current box top labels (expired box tops do not count) and receive a Box Tops Spirit Stick. 

Box Tops for Education: Create a Box Tops Log in at to see how we compare to other schools and to earn eBox Tops online each month! You earn eBox Tops every month that you shop online through the marketplace, do “click and earn” opportunities and/or enter to win bonus giveaways.  For a list of participating products go to